VF Corp and Redress announce winner of the Redress Design Award 2021

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As part of its three-year partnership with the nonprofit environmental protection organization Redress, Denver-based clothing company VF Corporation has named Taiwanese designer Jessica Chang the winner of the Redress Design Award 2021.

Looks from Jessica Chang’s winning collection for the Redress Design Award 2021 – Photo: VF Corp. / Redress

The Redress Design Award is the world’s largest competition for sustainable fashion design and calls on participants to create environmentally conscious collections.

As the winner of the award, Chang will be mentored by the VF brand Timberland and will work with the outdoor label to design a sustainable clothing collection that is due to hit the market in spring 2023.

During this year’s competition, ten finalists from the US, UK, Germany, India and China participated in a series of virtual events that ran from September 1st to 11th. Over the course of these days, the finalists completed educational challenges and master classes on the topics of sustainability and the circular economy in the fashion industry.

At the end of the ten-day period, each finalist presented a full collection designed in line with the values ​​of the competition.

Chang’s unisex collection entitled “The Wall” impressed the competition jury with its creative use of waste materials and its “strong marketability and commerciality”.

The designer will be working with Timberland as of now and will also consult with VF’s sustainability and responsibility team to ensure that the materials and design strategies she plans to use are in line with the company’s sustainability goals.

“The Redress Design Awards show what is possible when emerging designers are given the opportunity to innovate in the field of sustainability. We believe that nurturing creative, emerging talent is both good for business and a necessity for the future of ours Planet is, “commented Sean Cady, VF VP for Global Sustainability and Responsibility.

“Sustainable fashion and circular design are in line with our goal of helping both people and the planet. Seeing our global teams embrace this sustainability contest and lead the next generation of designers is incredibly rewarding,” he added.

The announcement of Chang’s win at the Redress Design Award 2021 coincides with the completion of the capsule collection of the 2020 competition winner, Le Ngoc Ha Thu, which will go on sale this spring.

The Redress Design Award is part of the wider sustainability effort that VF is carrying out. Earlier this year, the company, which also owns Timberland and the Vans and The North Face brands, announced that it had allocated around $ 596 million from its first green bond to 13 sustainability projects.

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