Verandah expands international distribution network as resort wear sales remain strong

Resort wear brand Verandah has expanded its international distribution network and launched at Sani Resort in Greece. The brand has seen resort wear emerge as a popular category during the pandemic.

Resort wear from Verandah’s latest collection – Verandah- Facebook

Despite the fact that the pandemic necessitated staying home and saw travel plans cancelled, resort wear has become a popular product category for Indian shoppers, Vogue India reported. Resort wear has found new popularity as a transition between lounge wear and occasion wear as people begin to adjust to restarting events across the country, according to Verandah’s founder Anjali Patel Mehta. 
“People are now embracing it as everyday dressing,” said Patel Mehta, Vogue India reported. “At Verandah, we’ve always championed this feeling of being on holiday, even when you are not. It is the very vibe shoppers are seeking now. Overseas, resort is linked to seasonal weather changes. In India, it was mostly linked to the holiday season. But that is changing as the world paradigm shifts.” 

Verandah opened a flagship store in Goa in winter 2020, showing its continued growth despite the pandemic. Patel Mehta does not see the resort wear trend ending any time soon and predicts that the upcoming festive season will see resort weat replace more structured occasion wear for intimate events.  
“A lot of our clients are those who initially ‘shopped aboard’ for holiday wear but have turned to us over time for custom resort and ready-to-wear,” said Patel Mehta. “Resort wear was often compared to high-street in India, and clients expected pieces to be inexpensive. This mindset is changing slowly.”
The trend does not appear isolated to India. As travel in Europe opens up again, shoppers in Greece will now be able to purchase Verandah’s array of floaty dresses and cover-ups at Sani Resort in Greece, the brand announced on Facebook.

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