Uruguay will celebrate a new edition of Cyber ​​Monday in November

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Sep 15 2021

The Chamber of the Digital Economy of Uruguay (CEDU) confirms that the fifteenth edition of the Ciberlunes discount campaign will take place on the 8th, 9th and 10th of next November and the period for receiving interested companies has already begun in joining the initiative.

Uruguay will celebrate a new edition of Cyber ​​Monday in November – Knihecentrum

According to the CEDU, there are four participation modalities for companies, Platinum, Gold, Bronze and Basic, each with different benefits, among which are mentions in press releases, radio and other offline media, as well as a preferential position on the official website of Ciberlunes.

“Several studies related to consumer behavior have shown that this traditional e-commerce event has become one of the most anticipated commercial dates,” shares the Chamber of the Digital Economy of Uruguay through a statement.

On the above, the latest measurements made by the Factum consultancy published by the CEDU reveal that 30% of Uruguayans made purchases during some of the Cyber ​​Monday editions in 2020, this result is 9% higher than the one registered a year ago.

In addition, the report also confirms that an increase has been observed in the percentage of people who have postponed or anticipated their purchases to coincide with this digital discount campaign.

On the other hand, the results of an investigation on the last edition of Cyber ​​Monday in 2020, carried out in October, indicate that participating companies achieved a 39% increase in the number of purchase orders compared to 2019.

“In general terms, the new data collected by Factum indicates that electronic commerce in 2020 exceeded by 81% the web sales made during the previous year, despite the different contexts marked by the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, and that sales during Cyber ​​Monday represented 16% of total annual sales ”, concludes CEDU.

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