Uruguay seals an alliance with Amazon Web Services

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Sep 13 2021

Through an official bulletin published on September 9, the Government of Uruguay confirmed that it had signed an agreement with the e-commerce company Amazon, in its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division, with the goal of promoting innovation in the country South American company enabling the use of Amazon’s services and computer programs that are used through the internet, also known as “cloud” services, and promoting entrepreneurship.

Uruguay seals its alliance with Amazon Web Services – Presidency of Uruguay

“Today we met with AWS and it is a pleasure to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding to continue promoting innovation and economic development in Uruguay, through the use of cloud computing services,” said the Uruguayan Minister of Industry, Omar Paganini.

The president emphasized that this alliance will benefit public and private institutions, including entrepreneurs, to promote digital transformation, talent and new digital services in the country.

Jeffrey Kratz, general manager of Amazon Web Services (AWS), also participated in the signing of this memorandum of understanding, who pointed out that this agreement is based on the company’s commitment to supporting Uruguay’s growing digital economy.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with Uruguay and to provide, through cloud computing services, a continued focus on innovation and workforce development,” shared Kratz.

As has been announced, one of the objectives of this alliance is cooperation in the development of human resources prepared for the use of cloud technology, through training and free courses.

“The agreement establishes support for Uruguay in its efforts to modernize information technologies to promote access to information technology on the Internet,” concludes the Uruguayan government.

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