The Uruguayan CPI accumulates a rise of 6.19% in 2021

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7 Sept 2021

According to the latest report from the National Institute of Statistics of Uruguay (INE), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) closed August with a slight increase of 0.85% compared to the previous month, while in the accumulated of the year the acceleration registered 6.19% compared to the same period in 2020.

The Uruguayan CPI accumulates a rise of 6.19% in 2021 – Charles Deluvio

The INE document published this September also reveals that by sector, the fashion category, made up of clothing and footwear, is again the one that suffered the least from inflation in the eighth month of the year. Specifically, the national fashion CPI closed August with a practically zero increase of 0.01%.

On the other hand, in the analysis of the accumulated in the last 12 months, the clothing and footwear sector is consolidated as the second category that has raised its prices the least in the South American country with an increase of 5.57%, always in analysis at the national level. It is worth mentioning that the industry that suffered the least from inflation in 12 months was that of restaurants and hotels, with an increase of 5.52%.

The report of the Uruguayan entity also details that in the territorial distribution, the fashion CPI in Montevideo reached a twelve-month increase of 5.79% in August. While in the interior of the country the category raised its prices by 5.31%, this with respect to the same month of 2020.

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