The nuptial “boom” is here: quality and nature prevail



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Sep 14 2021

The covid-19 forced the weddings to be canceled and now the bridal “boom” arrives with couples who do not want to wait any longer, they need hugs, kisses and, of course, to pronounce the “I do” wedding dresses with relaxed suits, with details, but without excesses, quality and nature prevail.

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“The millennial bride has changed the traditions and bridal aesthetics, she decides what she wants and how she wants it,” bridal designer Silvia Fernández explained to Efe on Tuesday, who presented her new collection in Madrid on the Atelier Couture catwalk, which it will close tomorrow with a parade in the Plaza de Santa Ana.

Brides want natural fabrics and simple and elegant silhouettes, “they flee from many conventional accessories, they don’t want to look like a Christmas tree”, adds this designer, who has her workshop in El Bierzo (León), from where she wants to give value to the craft of sewing and recover the market that went to China.

She does not believe in the trends of the moment, she likes to work on the personalized bridal gown until she achieves a unique model, offering a broad vision to women, making them feel comfortable “because the bride is afraid of the wedding dress,” explains Fernández, who wears sewing wedding fashion twenty-two years.

In recent years, weddings have been transformed, but since the covid-19 more, “the illusion of the dress remains, but many girls do not want to go as a wedding, they prefer designs of movie stars, more creations of red carpets,” he says designer Benjamin Friman.

This man from Granada proposes a collection “inspired by freedom”, with loose silhouettes, with a midi length and a mini length. “Current brides are not as storied as they were years ago, they prefer to wear two or three dresses in their day,” explains Friman, who assures that, with a pandemic, brides apply good sense and with the same budget three models are made that later can use at other times.

Dolores Nicolás, at the helm of the firm De La Cierva y Nicolás, opts for dresses with delicate satins populated with golden dragonflies, iconoclastic-inspired black Jacquards and deep red taffeta and moares that combine perfectly with summer afternoons.

“This collection is an ode to life, to the exuberance of the female body and its close relationship with fashion,” explains Nicolás, who defends “elegance, avant-garde and richness in clothing and materials.”

The Valladolid Esther Noriega bets on design and quality in her creations of party and wedding dresses, a designer who adapts and reinvents herself until she achieves garments with the maximum detail, as has been seen in the Madrid Palace of Santoña in which she also their collections show Lorena Formoso, Luisa Monzón or the firm Brea.

“The bride seeks comfort and versatility”, adds the shoe designer Silvia Fernández, who has debuted on this catwalk with a collection with a lot of soul.

Their designs incorporate templates that, through pieces and applications indicated by stars, “put pressure on different parts of the arch of the foot that in turn connect with the spine and the seven main chakras of our body, activating energy flows. and allowing the energetic passage when walking “, he assures.

The bride and groom are also looking for quality and craftsmanship. Tailoring is no longer a thing of grandparents, it is not a stale thing, it is modern and it is above the trends, “says Javier Valencia, chief operating officer of the Fernández Prats firm.

After this time of confinement, “the bride and groom are in a hurry to get married, they want to make up for lost time,” adds Valencia, who assures the traditional dress and the morning coat remains “a classic among the bride and groom.”

For Agustín García and Lucia Serrano, a couple at the helm of the Serna tailoring shop, the morning suit is the star garment for the groom, a garment that is around 3,000 euros, “although many opt for a suit made with natural fabrics that usually reaches fifteen years of useful life”.

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