The Ida foundation will seek to make the first Museum of Argentine Design

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Sep 15 2021

The Argentine Design Research Foundation (IDA), an institution that seeks to highlight the cultural heritage of local design, announced that by 2023 it will seek to create the first Argentine Design Museum.

The Argentine Design Research Foundation. – GOING

For that, he is currently working on the restoration and enhancement of his entire collection, which is made up of more than a million objects ranging from furniture to graphics or clothing.

“Museums were always more devoted to the visual arts and design was relegated, but also there were no systematized heritage collections, such as the one we are carrying out from IDA, with files and pieces, which allows changing the meaning of the teaching of design” , detailed Gustavo Quiroga, president of the foundation, in dialogue with the local environment Ámbito Financiero.

The museum will seek to take a journey through the history of Argentine design in a period of 100 years, ranging from 1920 to 2020. From there, it will aim to create a sociological and anthropological vision of man “with the environments, with the objects, with the communication, with clothing and architecture that include a territorial mark ”.

IDA is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the research, recovery, conservation, dissemination and enhancement of national design. It has constantly growing funds, made up of documents and design objects in its main fields: industrial, graphic, clothing and textile, and theory and management.

The foundation is made up of design professionals, institutional managers and entrepreneurs committed to the history and development of the country. It has an Administrative Commission in charge of managing the organization, an Advisory Council made up of experts in different areas of design, an Executive Team and volunteers who carry out operational tasks and Territorial Agents who collaborate in the various Argentine regions.

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