Tanishq launches digital gold platform with SafeGold

Titan’s jewellery brand Tanishq has partnered with digital gold platform SafeGold to launch an online gold savings service where customers can convert their digital gold into physical gold in-store.

Tanishq’s new jewellery campaign – Tanishq- Facebook

As online gold and jewellery purchases continue to rise in popularity, Tanishq has ventured into the world of online gold sales after previously launching its gold jewellery business online. The business’ partner for the venture, SafeGold, complies with all Sebi norms and regulations to ensure safe transactions, according to Tanishq. 
“Consumers can start their gold savings journey with a purchase of Rs 100 [$1.36],” said Titan company’s jewellery division CEO Ajoy Chawla, TNN reported. “People can turn it into physical gold anytime at our 360 pan-India outlets. Once consumers purchase digital gold, an equivalent amount of gold is kept under his or her name for 10 years with no lock-in period and no limit on the amount of purchase. They can sell the digital gold from home as well.”

“People can acquire 24K pure gold and start their golden savings journey with the trust of Tata,” said Chawla. “While the demand for traditional purchase of gold at our retail stores will continue, the digital platform will cater to tech-savvy customers who may not have an immediate need of gold but plan to purchase it for future use.”
Tanishq also recently launched new campaigns ‘when it rings true’ and ‘little big moments’, presenting its jewellery as a way to mark important life events. The brand launched a short film as part of the campaign.

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