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Hashtag challenge: Tally Weijl starts an international social media campaign that aims to pick up on the “post-lockdown zeitgeist”. The campaign was developed by the MarTech agency Byte.

The Swiss fashion brand calls for a stylish hashtag challenge. – TALLY WEIJL

The fashion brand is using the TikTok platform for the first time and is calling on users using the hashtag #ToTallyMe to swap their sweatpants look for a “glamorous eye-catcher” from their own collection.

For this purpose, Byte developed, among other things, an interactive AR lens. For far-reaching
The visibility of the campaign is ensured by the collaboration with 11 respected European TikTok creators, including Millanef, Andrea Subotic and So So Pinky Pie, who also want to take on the Transformation Challenge.

In addition, further activation measures are planned, according to the Swiss fashion brand.

“We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting content partnerships to create meaningful connections with online and offline audiences. In addition to promoting short, unfiltered videos, TikTok has sparked a wave of exciting content trends. And we are very pleased to be able to pick up on this trend with the #ToTallyMe campaign “, explains Lara Gruering, Director of Brand Marketing at Tally Weijl.

The managing director of Byte Berlin, Joanna Trippett, adds: “With the #ToTallyMe campaign, we have exploited the full potential of TikTok as a platform: The combination of hashtag challenge, collaboration with creators, ads and the interactive AR application creates one holistic ecosystem and an engaging experience for TikTok users. ”

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