Sales in Argentine shopping malls recovered strongly in June

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7 Sept 2021

After very difficult months due to the coronavirus pandemic, sales in Argentine shopping centers showed an increase in June, with a year-on-year growth of 448.8% measured in current prices, for a total of 15,805.8 million pesos (about 161 million dollars).

Sales increase in Argentine shopping centers. – File

This is clear from the latest “National Survey of Shopping Centers” prepared by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec). Measured in constant prices, sales in the sixth month of the year increased by 241.5% year-on-year, with a total of 3,157.6 million pesos (approximately 32.6 million dollars).

As for what Argentines buy in shopping malls, 42.5% buy clothing, footwear and leather goods; 15.3% Clothing and sports accessories and 12.4% Electronics, household appliances and computers.

In Clothing, footwear and leather goods, June sales were equivalent to 6,721 million pesos (68 million in dollars) and in Sports Clothing and Accessories they reached an amount of 2,414.1 million pesos (about 24 million dollars).

Divided by geographical area, sales in shopping centers in the city of Buenos Aires grew by 2,191.4% year-on-year; in Greater Buenos Aires they were 1981.6%; in the Pampean Region it achieved a growth in total sales at prices 269.3%; in the Cuyo Region it grew 123.9%; in the North Region and the Patagonia Region they obtained percentage increases of 111.4% and 631.2%, respectively.

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