Retail sales in July 2021 down 5.1% from the previous month



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According to the preliminary results of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), retailers in Germany had calendar and seasonally adjusted real (price-adjusted) sales 5.1% less in July 2021 than in June 2021. Due to significantly higher prices, the nominal (not price-adjusted) decline was only 4 , 5%. When comparing the previous month, it should be noted that June 2021 was a month with high sales (calendar and seasonally adjusted real + 4.5% compared to May 2021) due to the then still falling corona incidence nationwide and the lifting of the “Federal Emergency Brake”.


Compared to February 2020, the month before the crisis, retail sales in July 2021 were, calendar and seasonally adjusted, 3.8% higher in real terms. Compared to July 2020, sales in July 2021 fell by 0.3% in real terms and rose by 1.7% in nominal terms.

The retail sales of food, beverages and tobacco products in July 2021, calendar and seasonally adjusted, posted sales of 2.4% less in real terms than in June 2021 and were 2.5% below the pre-crisis level of February 2020. Sales in supermarkets, hypermarkets and hypermarkets fell by 1.3% compared to the previous month and was 2.3% below the pre-crisis level. The specialty retail trade with groceries (for example with fruit and vegetables, meat, baked goods or beverages) realized 3.2% and 2.7% less respectively in the corresponding comparison.

The non-grocery retail trade also saw a decline in sales in July 2021. Here, real sales in July 2021, calendar and seasonally adjusted, were 7.1% lower than in the previous month, but they were 6.1% above the pre-crisis level of February 2020.

The trade in textiles, clothing, shoes and leather goods recorded a drop in sales of 10.5% compared to June 2021 and, after a strong increase in the previous month, is back below the pre-crisis level (-5.8%). In the retail trade with goods of various kinds (for example department stores and department stores) sales fell by 9.4% compared to the previous month, they remained 1.5% below the pre-crisis level. Sales in home furnishings, household appliances and building supplies trade were 2.8% lower than in June 2021 and 6.5% higher than in February 2020.

The internet and mail order business recorded a real, calendar and seasonally adjusted sales decline of 11.9% compared to the previous month. Nevertheless, at 20.7%, sales in this industry are still well above the level of February 2020.

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