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Sports company Puma has redesigned its shoe boxes to save 2,800 tons of cardboard every year. This step is part of the company’s sustainability strategy in order to make a more positive environmental contribution with its entire product range.

Puma’s new shoe boxes are made from 95 percent recycled cardboard – Puma

“If you consider that it takes around twelve trees to produce one ton of cardboard, this initiative saves us 33,600 trees. That is more than the number of trees in Central Park, New York,” says Stefan Seidel, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Puma.

The new shoe boxes, which have been on the market since 2021, are only part of the plan to make packaging and accessories in retail more sustainable, Puma announced. The company will no longer use plastic bags in its stores from 2023 and will also rely on more sustainable alternatives for other accessories such as coat hangers and shoe trees.

“Such initiatives, which are part of our 10FOR25 sustainability strategy, help us to make a great positive contribution,” said Stefan Seidel.

The new shoe boxes are as resilient as the previous model and are made from 95 percent recycled cardboard.

This year Puma also announced its partnership with the NGO Canopy and committed itself to purchasing cardboard and paper exclusively from recycled or certified sources, while protecting forests around the world.

With the 10FOR25 goals, Puma covers various sustainability topics, such as engagement in the areas of climate protection, human rights, circular economy and plastics. They have been aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and ensure that Puma makes its core business more sustainable.

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