Podcast: Clarisse Reille on the importance of supporting the fashion sector (FR)


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7 Sept 2021

Clarisse Reille is passionate about fashion and its professionals. She is involved so that French actors have the means to grow. More than anyone, the director of Defi, the body that finances the development and transformation of actors in the fashion sector in France, has a vision of the urgent need for change. Defi strongly supports design competitions, brand digitization plans and even guidelines for responsible sourcing established by industry federations.

Luxurynsight X FashionNetwork · Episode 42: Clarisse Reille talks to Olivier Guyot about “The Evolution of Fashion in France” FR

On the LuxurynsightXFashionNetwork podcast, she shares in French her convictions about the role of public power and the journey that led her to become involved in defending French fashion.

In particular, Clarisse Reille bluntly lists the challenges that fashion brands and companies face when it comes to financing or digital investments. The leader, who tries to whisper to the appropriate ears in the ministries, also alerts about the needs of the sector so as not to miss the post-Covid-19 phase.

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