Peek & Cloppenburg is sticking to the dual course of study

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With the dual study course “Bachelor of Arts Business Administration”, Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf wants to continue to prepare young talents for a career in the fashion trade.

Practical work experience, economic know-how and lots of fashion are the focus of the training. – P&C Düsseldorf

From summer 2022, practical training and part-time studies are to be bundled in Düsseldorf and the practical phases are to be distributed across the core areas of purchasing and sales.

“The dual bachelor’s degree lays the foundation for a wide range of development opportunities with us,” says Dr. Anika Völkel, Head of Human Resources.

A lot has been changed in order to make the on-site training more diverse and diversified. The aim of the new system is to give the students even more opportunities to get to know the various career paths in the company and to choose the direction that suits them most after their “on-the-job training”, says Völkel.

Therefore, the students work in the sales store as well as in central purchasing, including the e-commerce area, in Düsseldorf. After successfully completing a bachelor’s degree, you have the choice between two positions for your career start: as a department manager in sales or as a merchandise controller in purchasing.

In addition, as part of internships at the company headquarters or a subsidiary, the students received insights into the various specialist areas in order to acquire as diverse a corporate knowledge as possible and to be able to combine the content of their studies with what they learned from the specialist areas.

FOM Düsseldorf takes on the theoretical part of the dual course of study on two days a week. “We impart practical specialist knowledge to the prospective executives with a certain focus on the retail sector,” says Daisuke Motoki, management at FOM Düsseldorf.

The theory is supplemented by participation in numerous internal seminars at P&C. The dual study course “Business Administration” will begin in August 2022, and the application process has already begun. The course lasts seven semesters up to the Bachelor’s degree.

For the Düsseldorf location, Peek & Cloppenburg is looking for “trend-conscious and open-minded high school graduates who enjoy fashion”.

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