More than 70% of online purchases by Argentines go to clothing and footwear

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7 Sept 2021

During 2020, a very powerful year for e-commerce worldwide, for 74.7% of Argentine consumers the products that bought the most online were from the clothing and footwear sectors, according to a study carried out by IDC for the Infobip communications company.

More than 70% of online purchases by Argentines go to clothing and footwear. – Shutterstock

For their part, sectors such as Cosmetics or Perfumery were also among the most purchased, but they lagged behind others such as Food or Electronics / Home Appliances.

According to the local site BusinessTrend, based on the results of the study, 82% of people in Latin America bought online in times of pandemic. Argentina ranked fifth on the list, where 7 out of 10 people were inclined to online consumption.

Luciano Ramos, manager of Surveys and Enterprise Consulting at IDC, explained that the new shopping habits as a result of the pandemic require more and more responses in real time and with more personalized interactions.

According to the study, the customers who most choose to buy again through e-commerce highlight the usability of digital channels and the monitoring of their purchase as a plus. 65% of the respondents indicated that they returned to buy online thanks to the ease of use, the availability of products and the monitoring of the order, among other reasons.

Finally, WhatsApp has established itself as one of the most useful tools when maintaining a relationship with customers. 42.1% of those surveyed said they use it to communicate offers and personalized purchase suggestions and 53% to receive information about the follow-up of their purchase.

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