Isadora enters the universe of “clean beauty” with a new line of skin products

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Sep 13 2021

Isadora, the leading accessories brand belonging to the Argentine group Blue Star Group (BSG), started within the concept of “clean beauty” through the launch of Think Clean, its new line of products free of chemicals that are harmful to the skin and environment.

Isadora launches a line of chemical-free skin products. – BSG

Think Clean is free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, and they have allergen-free fragrances. They are unified under the slogan “forever list”, which consists of detecting harmful components to avoid them and replacing them with cosmetic formulations that use safe and more natural ingredients.

“This line is a sign of the strong commitment to the development of products that allow us to continue advancing in our sustainability objectives as a company, and also to our relationship with our community, because we offer renewed products that protect the skin by providing a unique experience. and personalized without using harmful ingredients ”, highlighted in a statement Lucila Magrans, category manager Beauty & make up of Isadora.

The new proposal includes among its products face masks made from hydrogel composed of biocellulose, which can biodegrade in 14 days under composting conditions, due to its high water component. The other materials biodegrade in 45 days, and are also compostable.

At the same time, together with the Isadora line, it presented a new website in which it delves into the concept of “clean beauty”, which consists of not using products that are cruel to animals or contaminants. Clients will also be able to access the information from a QR code that they will find in the brand’s stores.

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