Intersport brings superfood from the Rainforest Company to selected areas

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Intersport brings The Rainforest Company to selected areas of affiliated trading partners. The superfood and beauty brand founded by Albana Rama in 2016 is now represented with its bowls and skincare products in 15 selected stores, including Intersport Voswinkel with twelve stores, Intersport Krumholz with two stores and Sportgreen by Intersport Kiegele.

The Rainforest products are now available in a total of 15 branches. – INTERSPORT

The corresponding campaign is being implemented by Intersport Marketing Services GmbH. The aim is to use the high frequency of the stores and media presence and to use a cross-media approach to develop the target group with an affinity for sports and health for The Rainforest products.

The superfood products can be experienced at the point of sale using different formats such as product displays, floor stickers or in-store TV clips.

“When activating our very health-conscious target group, it was important to us that our high-quality products are placed in a service-oriented environment. We want to spark enthusiasm for our products at the point of sale and offer a shopping experience that goes beyond the pure product . That is exactly the retailer’s USP, which is very well presented by the IMS retail media portfolio, “said Albana Rama.

The joint campaign with The Rainforest Company is also an enrichment for IMS Managing Director Thomas Storck: “What drives The Rainforest Company in the field of nutrition and has built it up also drives us in the areas of sport and health: We want our love for sport Inspiring people to lead a better life “, says CFO Thomas Storck.

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