Government plans to extend IFLADP incentive scheme for leather goods, footwear

In order to boost employment, manufacturing, and exports, the government is expected to extend the Indian Footwear Leather and Accessories Development Programme for leather and footwear until 2025- 2026. 

The government aims to continue promoting the leather and footwear industries

The Union Government is expected to invest a further Rs 1,700 crore ($255.5 million) in the IFLADP over the course of its extended time period, an official told the Press Trust of India. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has already submitted a proposal for the implementation of the scheme until the 2026 financial year. The expenditure finance committee has approved the ministry’s proposal and this proposal must subsequently be approved by the Union Cabinet before implementation.
The IFLADP was first approved and implemented from the financial years 2018 to 2020. The scheme developed infrastructure in the footwear and leather goods industries, which in turn led to employment generation in the sectors. In tandem with this scheme, the government has named the leather goods and footwear industries as sectors capable of driving significant economic growth, particularly with regards to exports. 

The programme is made up of six different segments including a scheme for the promotion of Indian brands in the leather and footwear sectors.

By promoting ‘Make in India’ brands within India and internationally with an overall investment of Rs 100 crore, the initiative aims to build up domestic brands into global powerhouses. Other components of the IFLADP include sustainable technology, establishing institutional facilities, and developing design studios among others.

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