GIA aids Surat police investigation into fraudulent diamond grading reports

The Gemological Institute of America has given its support to an ongoing police investigation into fraudulent diamond grading schemes in diamond hub Surat.

The GIA’s diamond grading reports were copied by fraudsters, it said – Diamond Producers Association- Facebook

Police in Surat had uncovered a fraudulent diamond grading scheme in mid-August which used counterfeit inscriptions to link lower-quality diamonds to GIA diamond grading reports for higher-quality diamonds. The GIA has now begun working with the Surat police to shed more light on the situation, the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council reported on its website.
After the Surat police seized a number of diamonds and what they thought to be GIA grading reports, the GIA India Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. aided the investigation by finding out the origin of the diamonds and the reports. The GIA found that some of the reports were genuine but others were counterfeit, made using legitimate GIA report numbers. The institute also found that, although the counterfeit reports stated that the diamonds in question were natural, they were mostly treated or lab-grown.

The GIA has stated that the situation illustrates the importance for diamond buyers to have the diamond grading reports for their proposed purchase updated by the GIA before completing the transaction. This is especially pertinent in cases where the buyers and sellers do not have a long standing relationship, according to the GIA. 
The GIA will continue to lend its support to the investigation and stated that it hopes the Surat police will find the perpetrators of the fraudulent scheme and arrest them.

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