Dhruva A Mehta launches jewellery brand ‘Ley Mettz’

Using sustainably sourced stones and ethnical manufacturing processes, Dhruva A Mehta’s new jewellery brand Ley Mettz is designed to add an element of spirituality to fine jewellery.

Ley Mettz mixes crystals with natural diamonds – Ley Mettz- Facebook

Ley Mettz has launched a collection of stone bead necklaces, cord bracelets, and pendants featuring spiritual symbols. Using natural diamonds as well as crystals including howlite, moonstone, lodolite, and amazonite among others, the brand’s jewellery is designed to help the wearer tap into the spiritual properties of the crystals. 
“Ley Mettz helps in gaining touch with the natural vibrations of the earth using ancient symbology combined with natural diamonds and stones that heal, strengthen and uplift,” wrote the brand on Facebook. “Each creation invigorates earthly energy that helps reclaim the natural spiritual alignment within.”

Despite its esoteric focus, the brand is also keen to stay abreast of current events and has launched a line of chains for face masks in its signature style. The Mumbai-based brand retails from its dedicated e-commerce store. 
“All our stones are sustainably sourced and we are committed to ethical manufacturing as well as adhering to best practices in the industry,” Mehta told Vogue India about his brand’s production process. “Our designs transcend the norms of gender and binaries. Just as no two individuals are alike, each piece of Ley Mettz jewellery is unique and embraces individuality.”

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