Demand for luxury items among young people is rising sharply – Rapper Kontra K: “We screwed up a lot”



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Rap celebrates bling bling, fat brands – luxury. According to a survey by the YouTube format STRG_F (NDR for funk), almost half of the rap hits of the past five years contain brand names. All rap songs that landed at number 1 in the national singles charts were examined.


Brands are celebrated in 31 of 71 examined titles. The most common is Gucci (13 songs), followed by Louis Vuitton in eight songs and Rolex and Prada (five songs each). Songs that explicitly mention the brand in the title always get a particularly high response. The song “Gucci Gang” by US rapper Lil Pump has 1 billion views on YouTube and the song “Nur noch Gucci” by German musician Capital Bra has 59 million views.

At the same time, sales of personal luxury goods among the “Generation Z” born after 1995 are increasing sharply. According to the management consultancy Bain & Company, the share of this group in total sales of luxury brands has risen from one to 13 percent in the past five years – although statistically they have the least money.

STRG_F spoke to rapper Kontra K. about this development. Kontra K., who used to wear expensive branded clothes himself in his music videos, is self-critical in view of this trend. “We rappers screwed up a lot,” said the 34-year-old in an interview with STRG_F.

“Saying yes, we are not our children, is the cheapest excuse.” Rap has an important influence and is shaping the next generation. “It used to be about how crazy you were. Today it’s about which crazy things you have. Who has the craziest chain? Who wears the craziest, most expensive shoes? Who has the limited edition of what the fuck ?! it costs a lot of money. And that’s nonsense. “

STRG_F will broadcast the report on branded products and the increase in illegal fakes on Tuesday, September 7th, starting at 5 p.m. on its YouTube channel.

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