Celebrities pay tribute to America at the return of the Met Gala



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Sep 14 2021

With the colors of the American flag, emblematic fabrics such as “denim”, creations of national designers and expressions of multiculturalism, celebrities paid tribute to the United States this Monday at the return of the gala of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York.

“In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” opens September 18 –

The Met Gala, which is usually held on the first Monday in May and was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, was postponed this year to September to coincide with the end of New York Fashion Week, which has allowed to take advantage of the return of the famous to the city, which is part of their normality.

Its theme is always inspired by the next exhibition of the Met Institute of Fashion and sometimes it is difficult to understand, as happened with the “camp” style chosen a couple of years ago, but in this case there was no doubt that a tribute was sought a la patria: “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” (In USA: a glossary of fashion).

The inauguration was already totally American, with a musical band -typical of American football- that arrived creating revelry from the street and whose members, dressed in red, blue and white, ran up the stairs where the carpet unfolds -not red , but white – and where the guests pose.

Anna Wintour, the influential Vogue editor and organizer of the gala, which has been streamed for the first time online, arrived early, explaining that the Met’s exhibition will be “diverse, inclusive and sustainable” to “symbolize that the US is made of many cultures “, something that was also reflected in the party.

She was seen in “looks” like that of tennis player Naomi Osaka, one of the hosts of the night, who reflected her Haitian and Japanese roots in her colorful Louis Vuitton outfit, but also that of Blondie singer Debbie Harry. that paired a denim bodice with a red and white striped Zac Posen skirt.

Magnet for the stars, the gala attracted Kim Kardashian, although it was only known that it was her because of her figure, since she was dressed in a black mesh from head to toe; the opposite extreme to his stepsister Kendall Jenner, who wore a completely transparent dress with diamonds.

A spectacular appearance was that of Billie Eilish, who distanced herself from her rebellious and ‘punk’ image to present herself as a modern Marilyn Monroe – or a Holiday Barbie, in her words – in a peach-colored dress with a deep neckline and long Oscar train. of the Rent.

“I have grown a lot in the last two years. I always wanted to do this but I did not have the confidence, I was scared and I did not feel comfortable in my skin. It was time,” said the singer.

In this “party in the USA” the claim took place and the clearest example was given by the congresswoman of Puerto Rican origin Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wore the message “Tax the rich” on her back. Gala whose entry costs about $ 35,000.

It also highlighted the celebration of the LGBTQ community, with Lil Nas X, an openly homosexual rapper, arriving “a la Lady Gaga” and removing layers to reveal three outfits; Ben Platts dressed as a “gay cowboy” and Daniel Levy wearing a plea for equal marriage on his chest.

Among the most anticipated couples were Justin and Hailey Bieber, but there were also unexpected ones, such as the one formed by the actor Adrien Brody and the designer Georgina Chapman, ex-wife of the producer convicted of rape Harvey Weinstein.

Jennifer Lopez, who arrived without Ben Affleck but later reunited with him, looked like she had just arrived from the Wild West in a sparkly brown dress with a suggestive cut to the thigh, a fur stole and a denim hat by iconic American fashion designer Ralph. Lauren.

There was more Latin representation: the Colombian Maluma, with a red leather Texan “look”, was accompanied by Donatella Versace herself; Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were coordinated with a “Studio 54” image signed by Michael Kors, and Spanish Rosalía was inspired by the Manila shawl by Rick Owens.

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