Biba launches perfume line ‘Spelle’

Women’s ethnic wear and lifestyle brand Biba has launched a line of fragrances named ‘Spelle’ online and in stores. The line launched with three scents, ‘Dea’, ‘Intoxique’, and ‘Spoil Me’. 

Biba steps into perfume with ‘Spelle’ – Biba- Facebook

Biba has stepped into fragrances with its latest launch of nine different scents and sets on its e-commerce store, the brand announced on Facebook. Products include 100ml and 30 ml fragrance bottles as well as gift sets featuring mini and full-sized versions of all three perfumes. Prices range from Rs 799 ($10.84) to Rs 3,299. The fragrances currently only ship to Indian addresses, according to the brand’s e-commerce store. 
The perfumes are, “created in England, bottled in India,” Biba announced on its website. “Spelle goes beyond poetic phrases, dives deep into your adventures and recreates your magical aura with its line of fine fragrances,” said the brand. 

“Looking beyond a checklist of fruity, spicy, floral, Spelle went down its own individual path, inspired by you,” said Biba. “Deep conversations with women on how they perceive the power of their presence, how they define beauty, what inspires them, became the starting point of our fragrance design. Your moods, nuances, unique ideas formed our ingredient inspiration. You are at the core of each design.”

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