Bestseller: The new JJXX brand is launched with a large influencer cooperation

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The Danish fashion group Bestseller has launched its first collection under the new denim label JJXX.

The new JJJX line – bestsellers

After more than three decades in which the Jack & Jones brand has focused on menswear, it is now focusing on womenswear.

For its launch, the company teamed up with a large group of international influencers (300 to be precise) to create a buzz with its very first campaign. The company said it wanted to “create awareness and reach as many young women as possible”.

When selecting the influencers, they “focused on their charisma, their style and their individual interests,” says Jack & Jones Brand Director Anders Gam. “All girls represent our brand personality – they are strong, happy, independent, self-confident and free. They have power and a personality that sets them apart – just like JJXX”.

Bestseller also stated that it doesn’t matter how many followers they have. What matters is “how they express their personality, how they behave and how they fit in with the brand’s core values”.

The influencers are a mixed international group. For example, the retailer works with best friends Bruna Rizk and Amaka Hamelijnck in the Netherlands, the artist Inés Jimm in Spain and the kite surfer Greta Menardo in Italy.

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