Bata India sees demand for ‘two-mile’ footwear increase by 20%

As post-lockdown consumer tastes remain heavily influenced by a continued desire for comfort, footwear retailer Bata India has seen demand for ‘two-mile’ footwear increase by 20% and casual footwear demand also increase.

Bata’s customers are looking for versatile and comfortable footwear, according to the business – Bata- Facebook

Bata India’s current growth is being driven by casual footwear with both two-mile and sneaker styles remaining popular even after lockdown, the Hindustan Times reported. The brand describes two-mile footwear as a mix between loungewear and workwear with comfort-driven styles which are still suitable for more formal situations. The two-mile trend has also gained popularity in the clothing market with garments such as kaftans and dominating work-from-home collections and making their way into occasion wear lines, too. 
“Even as the world opens up and people start stepping out, they lookout for footwear that can provide them home-like comfort all day long,” Bata India’s chief collection officer Matteo Lambert told the Hindustan Times. “The lines between strictly formal wear and casual wear are bound to blur. This has paved the way for two-mile footwear, offering the perfect balance between lounge and workwear. We witness an uptick in demand for two-mile footwear in the last one year. Overall, demand for two-mile footwear has increased by 20%, and this trend is here to stay.”

Casual footwear in general has also risen in popularity at Bata. The business has thus increased its focus on sneakers through brands including Power, North Star, and Hush Puppies among others.
“In the last three to four years, we’ve been doing campaigns where we are highlighting casual footwear and sneaker products,” Bata India’s vice president for marketing and customer experience Anand Narang told Afaqs. “The demand for casuals and sneakers for us has gone up by more than 40% over the last two years or so.”

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