Athleta bets on the German Zalando for its expansion in Europe

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Sep 13 2021

Gap-owned sportswear brand Athleta wants to strengthen its presence in Europe and reach new customers with the help of marketing services from German e-commerce company Zalando.

Athleta hopes to reach new clients in Europe – Athleta

Offering high-quality sports and lifestyle clothing for women with a sustainable approach, Athleta has just joined the Zalando platform as part of a broader growth strategy with which it expects to reach $ 2 billion in net sales by 2023. .

“International expansion is a key part of Athleta’s growth strategy, and there is significant potential to drive this incredible and relevant brand in Europe,” Adrienne Gernand, director of strategic alliances, licensing and real estate at Gap, said in a statement. Inc.

“Zalando’s vast digital reach and personalized customer experience offers a real opportunity to build brand awareness and begin scaling the business in 23 new markets.”

With the arrival of Athleta, Zalando has also expanded its sports category and takes a step towards its goal of becoming one of the leading online sports fashion retailers in Europe.

To publicize the launch of Athleta in Zalando, the brand is taking advantage of Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS). A comprehensive marketing agency that provides brands with information and data to help them identify their target audience in Europe. ZMS also creates customized campaigns and activations targeting specific groups with the right message. The agency’s services are based on data from 45 million clients from 23 European markets.

“As the leading digital platform for brands and retailers in Europe, we have a wealth of experience and insight into what it takes to grow your brand in 23 European markets,” explained Andreas Antrup, Zalando’s Senior Vice President of Advertising and Managing Director of ZMS .

“That makes us the preferred partner for US brands like Athleta looking to expand their reach to new customers,” he added.

The campaign created by ZMS for Athleta includes custom landing pages, app and web teasers, and sponsored products in the Zalando Fashion Store. The campaign will be expanded to different social media channels in the coming months and will also appear in the Zalando newsletter, as well as being integrated into other Zalando campaigns.

Athleta’s current “Power of She” campaign, featuring figures like Simone Biles and Allyson Felix, is also being used to amplify the brand’s launch in Zalando.

“With Athleta, Zalando welcomes a great sports brand led by women that supports our strategy and shares our values ​​of diversity, inclusion and sustainability,” said Cornelius Lay, Zalando’s Head of Sports.

Across the Atlantic, Athleta recently announced that it will support its growth strategy in the territory by expanding its partnership with outdoor activities retailer REI.

In the second quarter ended July 31, 2021, Athleta contributed $ 341 million in sales to parent company Gap’s total quarterly revenue of $ 4.2 billion.

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